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S.T.E.M. logo denoting official certification in Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathASCENSION CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS ARE CERTIFIED IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATH. (Press Release)

Currently, Ascension Christian Schools are the ONLY certified S.T.E.M. schools in Louisiana. The certification includes the Early Learning Center, Ascension Christian Elementary, and Ascension Christian High.

In order to earn STEM Certification, Ascension Christian School had to demonstrate adherence to the AdvancED STEM Standard as reflected by the school’s performance across 11 rigorous STEM Indicators.  The certification process provides a rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement process, supported by research-based tools and resources. Achieving high scores across the indicators certify that students have been equipped and trained to be innovative, creative and systematic problem-solvers across disciplines.

For details of the specific details of the courses offered at Ascension Christian High, please see the Curriculum listed on the right side of this page. Students working together at tables to solve problems

Students working collaboratively in class setting with teacher leaning in to assist

Students collaborating and assessing their plans as they design.






Students evaluating and revising their designs





Student working on the design of a robot



Student working with team to design a robot. 

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