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Welcome to the Ascension Christian High School Athletics Program, where champions are made, character is forged, and teamwork thrives. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, as we believe in the transformative power of athletics in shaping well-rounded individuals.

At Ascension Christian, we foster an environment where our student-athletes can excel both on and off the field. Our dedicated coaching staff works tirelessly to instill values of determination, discipline, and respect while guiding our athletes toward reaching their full potential. We understand the importance of balancing athletic pursuits with academic success, and our athletes are encouraged to apply the principles learned in their athletic endeavors to their daily lives.

As a proud member of the Louisiana School Athletic Association (LHSAA), we compete at the highest level of interscholastic sports. Our comprehensive sports program includes football, basketball, golf, soccer, softball, baseball, swimming, track & field, tennis, cheerleading, and volleyball. Our athletes have the opportunity to represent Ascension Christian and compete against other schools, developing valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship along the way.

Beyond high school teams, our middle school athletes in seventh and eighth grades also participate in a variety of sports, including football, basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, swimming, track and field, cheerleading, and volleyball. This early exposure to competitive athletics allows our young athletes to grow and discover their passion for sports while building a strong foundation for their future athletic endeavors.

Join us at Ascension Christian High School Athletics, where we celebrate the pursuit of athletic excellence, foster personal growth, and promote a lifelong love for physical activity. Together, let's create lasting memories, forge lifelong friendships, and showcase the true spirit of Ascension Christian pride.

Go Lions! Roar with determination, compete with integrity, and achieve greatness both on and off the field.


  •       Abbie Babin, Head Athletic Trainer website picture6

      Abbie is available to Ascension Christian athletes every day after school as well and during our atheltic training class. Abbie attends all Ascension Christian Highschool football games and all home baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer games.

    Ascension Christian has a contract with Oscner which allows us to be able to have Abbie as our Athletic Trainer. Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute’s Athletic Training Outreach Program provides services to the greater New Orleans region spanning from Baton Rouge to Mississippi, providing quality healthcare to athletes competing in any sport. Ochsner’s trainers are proficient in prevention, treatment, and maintenance of any sport related injury or health condition. Our goal is to keep athletes safe and to prevent serious injury from occurring.

  • We are proud to be able to lead our student-athletes in guided, monitored, and goal oriented training with the help of a solid athletic team who encourage growth and development in their respective sports. We have an elite athletic training room equipped with the finest in weight training equipment. It’s worth a tour to see this fantastic facility. 

    ACH workout facility shows all equipment is made by Rogue.ACH weights and workout benches. Includes the lion head logo on the floor

  • Do any of your coaches have relative college and/or professional playing experiences? Ascension Christian’s coaches have extensive experince in playing and/or coaching at high levels of competition at either a state and/or a national level. Most recently, Ascension Christian hired former LSU quarterback Rohan Davey as the head football coach. Rohan played under Coahes Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. 

    What grades are allowed to play high school sports? Middle school sports can include students in grades 7-8. High school sports can includes elite 8 graders through 12 graders.

    Will my child get to play?  The more experience and training a student-athlete has coming into a sport the better the chances are of playing sooner. However, most students who come into a sport with little or no experience may need to participate in the sport to learn, grow, and develop the necessary fundamentals and strength required to compete prior to active participation in the sport. The last thing coaches want is to put a student-athlete in a dangerous situation where they could get hurt. 1-A sports in LHSAA can be overwhelming to a new competitor. 

    Does the school pay for my child to go the doctor or hospital if they are injured in a sport? Ascension Christian provides supplemental insurance in the event that a child is NOT covered under a primary health plan by their parents/guardians. Doctor visits and therapies are covered by the parents’s insurances. Ascension Christian has a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer who can support student-athletes with the most common needs while on campus or at a game. The trainer can also make recommendations to the student and parents to support their needs outside of the trainer’s scope of responsibilities. 

    How many titles does Ascension Christian have in athletic competitions? Ascension Christian has numerous state and district championship titles in tennis, swimming, golf, volleyball, soccer, and softball as well as many appearances in state tournament playoffs. 

    Where do I pay the athletic fee? Payments can be made at the school front office or cashless campus or via your Parent Portal in Renweb.


  • All students who want to compete in sports at ACH students must fill out and complete the necessary forms. Contact the school Athletics Department for more information. 225-622-2800