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ACE Athletics

From the field to the court, Lions live out a spirit of teamwork, leadership, and strength of character.

Ascension Christian Elementary Athletics Program focus on the physical and social development of the child in a competitive environment. Our student-athletes will acquire skills throughout the season that will allow opportunities for success during competition. Sportsmanship and camaraderie will be encouraged through the recognition of team success as well as individual accomplishments.

Our Athletics Program enhances our student’s desire for continued involvement in sports at a higher level and create a life-long love of sports.

Our goal is to encourage each athlete to reach his/her fullest potential as a player. In doing so, our coaches create an environment in which student-athletes are given individual opportunities for success.

We also seek to maintain a balance between school and sports by creating practice hours and games to minimize interference with school responsibilities, thus creating a well-rounded student-athlete.

We focus on teamwork. We learn discipline and dedication. We’re not just athletes, we’re Lions. We play tenaciously, but with integrity.

Ascension Christian Elementary encourages students to participate in sports. 

Sports Info

  • Angelo

    Angelo is the elementary and middle school Athletic Director. He has attended Ascension Christian Elementary and graduated from Ascension Christian High. Since then, he has achieved his undergraduate at LSU and pursueing his masters. Angelo has always had a love for sports and has a passion to make Ascension Christian School's a powerhouse in athletics.

  • Ascension Christian Elementary offers sports in, boys/girls flag football, Volleyball, boys/girls basketball, and cheerleading.

    Junior High Sports include, tackle Football, boys/girls basketball, and volleyball.