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High School

Counselor having a student sign paperwork at deskWelcome to Ascension Christian High. This is the place where God is working in the hearts of his children and growing them for a future time. The faculty at ACH are diligent Christian educators who work daily to guide your child to seek God’s plan for their life while supporting their educational priorities and their learning needs. ACH was the first S.T.E.M. certified school in Louisiana, and its leaders continue to build on the demands and challenges of a changing world. Please see our Resource page for additional material and connections to support you and your child as we work together to provide the best Christian educational enviroment for your family. 

If you would like more information or would like a tour, please contact the school’s office at 225-622-2800. The school is open between 7:15 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday. 

Thank you for your interest in Ascension Christian High for your child and family. 


Congratulations to the Honor Roll Students for the First 9 Weeks

Congratulations to the Honor Roll Students for the Second 9 Weeks

Prayer Walk Moms

ACH’s Moms praying over students and staff in the bi-monthly MOM’S PRAYER WALK (Pictured right)Doniell Templet and Denise Crifasi

If you would liket more information on serving, contact the school at 225-622-2800.


Our Mission: 

We strive to train students to seek their God-given purpose in a Christ-centered environment of educational excellence!  

    Ascension Christian School logo. (Lion head and the words...Ascension Christian)


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