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Laptop Makeover

Student working on building a computer

Laptop Makeovers 


Computer Science students at Ascension Christian High are working on a S.T.E.M. project to address the Chromebook shortage in the U.S. If you have an old laptop computer that you have determined is useless, or want to dispose of, the students are asking you to donate these devices to the class. If your old laptop has a charger, turns on, and has an operational display, the students will be able to convert it to a Chromebook-like device that can be used by Ascension Christian students for course work. The donated laptops will be wiped clean of all information and software making it safe and secure for student use.


The students are excited to get moving on this project and are committed to addressing the need in our schools and possibly in our community, depending on the number of laptops donated. To donate your old laptop, please contact Ascension Christian’s Technology Director, Nathan Catlin, at his email address, Thank you for supporting our Computer Science students who are eager to address a computer shortage in schools.