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ACH Volleyball is schedule to play in the Lutcher League this summer.  The schedule for the summer games is posted for your review. Also, the complete Volleyball season for 2021 is listed in the calendar. For more information about ACH Volleyball, please contact the office at 225-622-2800.

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This Week's Events

ACH Lady Lions SUMMER Volleyball (Lutcher League)

6/8 Lions (V)  vs St. Charles 6pm     Court 2                     

      Lions(V) vs Riverside (JV) 7pm   Court 1

      Lions(JV) vs Lutcher 8pm (Fr)    Court 2

6/10 Lions (JV) vs Riverside (JV) 6pm  Court 1

        Lions(V) vs Lutcher  7pm   Court 2

        Lions (V) vs Riverside 8pm  Court 1

6/15 Lions(V) vs Riverside 6pm   Court 2

        Lions(JV) vs East St. John 7pm  Court 1

         Lions(JV) vs Lutcher(JV) 8pm  Court 2

6/17 Lions(V) vs St. James 6pm  Court 1

        Lions(JV) vs Riverside 7pm Court 2

        Lions(V) vs East St. John 8pm Court 1

6/22 Lions(V) vs Lutcher 6pm Court 2

       Lions(JV) vs St. Charles 8pm Court 2

6/24 Lions(JV) vs Riverside (JV) 6pm Court 2

        Lions(V) vs Lutcher(JV) 7pm Court 1

        Lions(V) vs Riverside 8pm Court 2

ACH Volleyball Calendar

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