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AC Schools Reopening Plans

Posted Date: 12/16/2020

Teacher working with two students who are repairing a computer on a table




Ascension Christian School will reopen for on-campus learning on Wednesday, August 12, for grades K4-12.  We are fully committed to having our students and staff back together again, with appropriate health and safety measures in place.  Our traditionally smaller class sizes, campus layout, and proactive planning have positioned us to safely and effectively conduct in-person learning on campus in Phases 2 and 3. 


The protocols and procedures outlined below are in compliance with current guidelines (as of July 17, 2020) issued by the Louisiana Department of Education and Department of Health, the CDC, AAP, and LHSAA, and have been put in place to create the best experience possible for each student.  ACS’s Return to School Plan will employ multiple risk mitigation practices, including social distancing, face coverings, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, increased hand washing and sanitizing, and screening and symptoms monitoring.  We also will have alternative learning options in the event it becomes necessary to close the school or limit the number of students on campus.          




  • Multiple entry and exit points will be used for student drop-off and pick-up (diagram of locations will be published at a later date) 

  • Classrooms will be arranged to maximize distance between each student and students and teachers.  

  • Class transition times will be lengthened and staggered to allow for cleaning and to limit the number of students in the halls at any one time.

  • Flow paths (i.e., lanes) and alternate routes will be marked to keep students separated.

  • Additional lunch periods will be added to reduce group size, control student flow and maintain distancing in the cafeteria.

  • Large group gatherings (such as chapel, and assemblies) will be redesigned to allow students to experience these events in their homeroom via live stream or video recordings.




  • Current government mandates require that all staff, and students in grades 3-12, wear a face covering during the school day. 

  • Face coverings must be school  appropriate and cover the student’s mouth and nose 

  • Students and staff may remove face covering once seated in the classroom or cafeteria AND strict social distance is maintained





  • ACS campuses were deep cleaned and disinfected by a professional environmental health and safety company that specializes in biological remediation.

  • The same company will be training ACS faculty and staff on proper cleaning and disinfecting practices. 

  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be kept in each classroom, the cafeteria, gym, and in other common areas around the campus.

  • Classroom tables, chairs, and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned between classes and at the end of each day.

  • Shared spaces, high-touch surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned multiple times per day.

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing will be emphasized, including when entering and exiting buildings and classrooms, before and after lunch, and during bathroom breaks.

  • To minimize the use of water fountains, staff and students are encouraged to bring either a full reusable water bottle or disposable single-use water bottles. Writing the name of the student or staff on the reusable or disposable bottle will assist in minimizing transmission. 

  • Teachers will use age-appropriate methods to teach and reinforce the importance of proper hand washing, sneezing, and coughing procedures.




To protect our community, it is crucial that we rely on a strong, committed partnership with our families. We ask that our parents be diligent in regularly monitoring their children for symptoms of illness, keep any child exhibiting symptoms at home, and immediately notify the school of any suspected or confirmed illness.


  • Before entering the building, each adult and student will be assessed for common COVID symptoms, including a temperature check with a non-contact thermometer. 

  • Students with 100.4+ fever or who exhibit symptoms will not be allowed to enter the building.

  • If a student manifests symptoms at school, we will contact the parent(s) to come pick up the student immediately. The student will be isolated from others and monitored until picked up.

  • Students and staff who are COVID-19 positive must stay at home until deemed non-infectious by a doctor.





  • The decision to close the school or take other remedial measures is an individual, case-by-case process. That decision will ultimately be made by ACS leadership.

  • If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, to the greatest extent possible, families of students who have had direct exposure to the positive individual will be notified.




While ACS is committed to a full and safe return to campus-based learning, we are prepared to transition between campus-based and home-based learning, if necessary.  ACS has made significant investments in technology and professional development of our teachers in order to continue delivering a high quality, Christ-centered educational experience regardless of the location in which teaching and learning take place.  


For those who do not yet feel comfortable sending their children back to school for traditional “on campus” learning, ACS is offering a homeschool option. The homeschool option will be consistent with in-school instruction. 


  • Homeschool will include our full curriculum and follow the same scope and sequence as students in the classroom.                            

  • Daily expectations for learning and progress will be required.

  • Grades will be recorded and averaged consistent with in-school learning.

  • Instruction and learning will be supported through our new Learning Management System.

  • Daily attendance for each class will be required.

  • Rigor and accountability in instruction and assignments will be consistent with in-school standards and expectations.


ACS homeschool program requires at least a semester commitment.  If you are interested in the homeschool option, please contact us at