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Math Curriculum


Grade: 7
Prerequisites: Math 6  
Course Description: Pre-Algebra is an introduction to basic algebra concepts and a review of arithmetic algorithms. The course emphasizes the concepts necessary to be successful in Algebra I and Algebra II. The course is designed to support students to develop good math study skills and learning strategies. 


Grade: 8 or 9
Prerequisites: Math 8 or Pre-Algebra 
Course Description: This course is the foundation for high school mathematics courses. It is the bridge from the concrete to the abstract study of mathematics. Topics include simplifying expressions, evaluating and solving equations and inequalities, and graphing linear and quadratic functions and relations. Real world applications are presented within the course content and a function’s approach is emphasized.


Grade: 10-11
Prerequisites: Geometry or Algebra I Recommendation 
Course Description: Utilizes a functional approach that serves as the organizing principle tying concepts together. Functions are introduced early in most chapters and later in others in various formats. This approach supports the Rule of Four, which states that functions are represented symbolically, numerically, graphically, and verbally. In chapters where a new function is introduced, all concepts pertaining to that function are fully developed. The solutions of equations and inequalities pertaining to that particular function.



Grade: 10-11
Prerequisites: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry 
Course Description: Algebra III focuses on the continuation of study of Algebra II and Trigonometry. It is to prepare students for higher level math courses such as College Algebra. The course will include linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, trigonometric identities and functions: exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and inverse trigonometric functions.


Grade: 9-11
Prerequisites: Algebra I Recommendation 
Course Description: This course develops a structured mathematical system employing both deductive and inductive reasoning. It includes plane, spatial, coordinate, and transformational geometry. Algebraic methods are used to solve problems involving geometric principles.


PRECALCULUS (Advanced Math)

Grade: 11th -12th
Prerequisites: Algebra II and Teacher Recommendation 
Course Description: This course extends and integrates concepts from algebra and geometry. It includes a study of polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, inverse and second degree relations and their graphs. Other topics include complex numbers, polar coordinates, vectors, sequences and series.


Grade: 12th
Prerequisites: Precalculus or Precalculus Honors (Advanced Math)
Course Description: This course includes differential and integral calculus with applications of previous math courses. The intent is preparation for college and/or one or more semesters of advanced placement calculus. Topics include: limits of a function, continuity, maxima and minima, area, volume, and other applications. Students will prepare to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam.

SLU Duel Enrollment Southeastern Courses

Grade: 11th & 12th
Prerequisites: Math Standardized Test Score 19 and Composite 18, honors math classes and teacher recommendation


Course Description: Math 161 is a study of families of functions and their graphs. Topics include linear, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. Functions will be used to model and solve application-based problems.


Course Description: Topics include the trigonometric functions and their graphs, inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations, and vectors. Trigonometry and trigonometric functions will be used to model and solve real world applications.